Foreigner Section

Guidelines For  Foreigners

All Foreign tourists  visiting the State should seek help of authorised travel agencies only.
Foreigners wishing to stay overnight must stay only at authorised guest  houses / hotels. They are required by Law to fillup form-C and it is the  duty of the host to such foreigners to supply this information within 24  hours to the concerned Police Station.
In case you are interested in trekking please move in groups of atleast  5 persons and inform the nearest Police Station of your proposed  trekking route. Engage only registered porters/guides while undertaking  treks. It is advisable to go for trekking on routes identified for this  purpose by the HP Tourism Department and halt at the designated camping  places only.
Please exchange foreign currency only at authorised places.
It is safer to carry travellers cheques and limited amount of cash while  touring.
All tourist are advised to stay away from drugs and drug dealers and  refrain from indulging in any illegal activity.
Foreigners who wish to overstay, should contact the nearest Foreigners’  Regional Registration Office or the Sadar Police Station in the towns.
Some areas in Himachal Pradesh have been designated as protected areas  and are not open to foreigners without permits.

Protected Areas

Protected areas has  been defined in the section 2 of the Foreigners Protected Area Order  1958 which is as under:-

Protected area means any border areas  falling beyond the inner line as described in schedule-I

No foreigner shall enter into or remain in any protected areas except  under and in accordance with the permit issued by the Central Govt. or  any official authorised by the Central Govt. in this behalf. 

Following areas in Himachal Pradesh require protected areas permits Khab,  Samdo, Dhankar, Tabo, Gompa, Kaza, Morang and Dubling (Lahaul & Spiti).

At present the foreign tourists/foreigners are being permitted to visit  the restricted/protected areas by the authorities specified under  section 3 of the Foreigners ( Protected Areas) Order 1958 by the State  Govt.

Diplomatic & Officials Passport holders who wish to visit, stay or pass  through the above mentioned areas and required to obtain necessary  protected areas permits from Ministry of External Affairs. Application  (in triplicate) should be submitted to the Northern Division, MDA, South  Block, Room No. 235, New Delhi giving a minimum of 8 (eight) weeks  notice to process the relevant case. However, application does not imply  automatic issue of permits.

Such permits for the foreigners who want to visit such places in  connection with their engagement with some U.N. Aided or World Bank  Project are required to submit their applications to the Resident  Commissioner, Himachal Govt., Himachal Bhavan, Sikandra Road, New Delhi.  This Officer issues such permits to foreigners required to visit such  places in connection with the World Bank or U.N. Aided projects and the  Projects sponsored by the Govt. of India or any State Govt. or U.T.  Administration. In such cases Resident Commissioner would insist upon a  letter of requisition from the sponsoring authority i.e. World Bank or  U.N. Agency or a concerned Union Ministry or State Govt. or U.T.  Administration under whose aegis the project is being implemented.

Foreigners intending to visit protected areas which are now open for  tourism, as tourists in group consisting of four or more foreigners,  sponsored by the recognised travel agencies in India with predrawn  itinerary can gets protected area permits from the State Govt. The H.P.  State Govt. has further delegated these powers to District Magistrates  in their Jurisdictions.

In this regard following District Magistrates and Sub-Divisional  Magistrates are authorised to issue Protected Area Permits’ in their  respective Territorial limits.

District Magistrate, Lahaul & Spiti at Keylong, Tel 01900-222501, Fax  01900-222502.
Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Spiti at Kaza Tel: 01906-222302
Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Lahaul at Keylong, Tel: 01900-222225

Foreigner Registration  Cell

Form ‘A’ under the Registration of foreigners Rule, 1939, which is to be  filled in triplicate (The conditions for stay are given on Page 2 of  Part-III of the form. The form is to be filled in Triplicate, first copy  Part-III, second copy is Part-II and the third copy is Registration  Report/Part-I)

Form of application for foreigners/ alien desiring to extend their stay in India.        (This form is to be filled in Triplicate)

Form of application for the grant of No Objection to Foreigners Return to India      (This form to be filled in Duplicate)

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