Hazard Profile

Hazard Profile and Risk Analysis of Lahaul and Spiti District

The district has unique climatic conditions. Winters are severe with heavy snow fall causing glaciers and avalanches. Summers are mild with rainy season in most of the Lahaul and Udaipur Sub-Divisions of the district. Spiti Sub-Division of the district forms a part of ‘Indian Cold Dessert’ and receives scanty rainfall as it falls in rain shadow zone of Himalayas

The unique Geo Climatic conditions of the district make it vulnerable to various kinds of disasters/hazards which have been compounded by increasing human interventions with the nature.

The lists of disasters, which generally occur in this district and its various areas prone/vulnerable to various kinds of disasters, are as under:

Hazard Type , Name of Sub-Division and Hazard Vulnerability
Hazard Type Lahaul Udaipur Spiti
Earthquakes High High Moderate
Floods High High High
Landslides High High High
Forest Fires Low High Low
Domestic Fires Moderate Moderate Moderate
Road Accidents Moderate Moderate Moderate
Avalanches High High Low
Cloud Bursts High High Moderate
Drought Moderate High Moderate