Single Line Administration

The chief administrative authority within the district vests in the Deputy Commissioner, who more due to single line administration is not only District Magistrate and Collector but for all intents and purposes is also the head of all the district level offices. In addition to the usual and traditional role as Deputy Commissioner he has multifarious duties. As Deputy Commissioner, he is the executive head of the District looking after development, Panchayats, local bodies and civil administration. As District Magistrate, he is responsible for the maintenance of law and order and is the head of Police and prosecuting agency in the district. As Collector he is at the apex of the revenue administration and is responsible for the collection of land-revenue and all dues recoverable as arrears of land-revenue. He is also revenue-applause authority. He ensures the successful  execution of plan-schemes and co-ordinates the functions of all development departments and in fact due to the peculiar circumstances and situation of the area his functions are largely those of a Development Officer. In order to avoid procedural delays and in the interest of early disposal of work, he has been given special and enhanced powers. He has been declared Head of Department for all offices functioning in the district.  In addition to the above the Deputy Commissioner has been invested with so many other administrative and financial powers. He can effect transfers of non-gazetted staff within the district in respect of staff of all the departments.